Three Water Damage Problems That You May Have In Any Type Of Home

You may often hear about water damage in basements and homes with lower levels, but any home can have water damage. Some of the problems can be related to things like roof leaks, plumbing problems and condensation from air conditioners. These are some of the problems that often are overlooked in homes, and can cause serious problems with things like mold. Here are three water problems that you can find in any type of home that you will want to have repaired: Read More 

How To Maintain The Condenser On Your Sub-Zero Fridge

Regular maintenance is the key to keeping any refrigerator in peak condition, and Sub-Zero brand refrigerators are no different. The best home maintenance chore to prolong the life of your fridge is twice yearly cleaning of the condenser coils. This condenser is what produces and blows the cold air through your refrigerator, so allowing them to get dirty can result in a repair or the need for premature replacement. Finding the Condenser Read More 

How To Strip Exterior Paint

If you are currently remodeling the exterior of your home, you may want to change the siding. If you are planning on adding siding or another texture, you probably want to first strip your current paint. There are a few ways to strip exterior paint, as listed below. Electric Heat Gun The first option you have for stripping exterior paint is with a heat gun. While many people like to use blowtorches, they can be dangerous and are not always worth the risks involved. Read More