How To Take Care Of Your Frameless Shower Door

If you have chosen to install a frameless shower door in your bathroom, chances are good that you are enjoying how your bathroom seems more open and has a cleaner line of sight going through it. However, you might have also noticed that there are water spots on your frameless shower door that are difficult to remove without smearing them all over the place. In order to make sure that your frameless shower door continues to look as good as possible, you need to ensure that you take care of it. Here are some tips for maintaining your frameless shower door.

1. Squeegee After Each Shower

The easiest way to keep your shower from looking cloudy or smeared is to simply squeegee it after each shower. Purchase a squeegee that is appropriate for cleaning windshield glass from an auto store. This will move the water off in full sheets and ensure that the door does not get smeared. Knock the water off in the shower itself and let the water fall down the drain. This will allow you to remove any water before more permanent hard water spots form on the glass that are difficult to remove.

2. Get Rid of Spots With Non-Abrasive Cream

If you miss some spots when you squeegee and water spots do form, they are going to be difficult to remove. Catch them as early as possible. If you see a water spot, purchase a water-spot remover that is a cream, rather than a gel or something that has beads in it. This is important because you do not want to accidentally scratch your frameless shower door when removing a water spot. Apply the cream to the water spot, and let it set for a few minutes. Then, using a clean, microfiber cloth, wipe away the cream. If the spot is not removed, apply the cream again and allow it to sit for a longer period of time to loosen the stain.

3. Apply Shower Protection

Finally, make sure that you are consistently applying a protected spray to your shower in order to help disperse the water and increase the chances that you will be able to avoid having water spots form in the future. This spray can be purchased at any hardware store and needs to be applied several times throughout the year. 

For more information, talk to a company that specializes that specializes in custom shower doors.