How To Dry Out Your Home After A Bathtub Overflows

If you get busy and forget you have the bathtub filling with water, you could have a disaster on your hands by the time you remember to check the tub. While water damage is often associated with a drawn-out flood from rain, a surprising amount of damage can occur with a quick mishap, too. It's often best to hire a water damage repair company to assess the situation because drying up the mess yourself might not get the job done right, and any moisture that lingers behind will encourage mold. Read More 

2 Simple Reasons Your Dryer Is Not Turning On

There's nothing quite like throwing a basket full of wet clothes in the dryer only to find it won't start. While there are numerous reasons why your appliance suddenly decided to take a day off, here are a couple of easy to diagnose issues that may be causing the problem. 1. The Door Switch Is Broken Almost all dryers have a switch on the door that tells the machine whether the door is open or closed and will only allow the dryer to turn on if the door is in the closed position. Read More 

2 Methods Of Concrete Crack Repair

Concrete, as you likely already know, is one of the most versatile, cost-effective, and durable building materials currently available. Yet even concrete has its structural limits. Cracks are one of the most common ways that concrete starts to fail. They may be caused by a wide variety of things, from poor installation, to environmental stress, to simple age. The good new is that, when faced with a home whose concrete floor or foundation has developed worrisome cracks, replacement is not your only option. Read More 

Tips For Protecting Your Basement Against Water Damage

When a home's basement suffers water damage, it can lead to some potentially serious complications for the house. Yet, many first-time homeowners are not very aware of the steps that should be taken to protect their basement against this common hazard. Luckily, you can use these tips to waterproof your basement and keep your new home safe from water damage. Inspect The Basement Following Heavy Rains After the first heavy rain while you are living in your new home, you should conduct a thorough inspection of the basement. Read More 

Pros And Cons Of Professional Remediation After A Small Fire

After a tragic house fire or a relatively small kitchen fire, you may be left wondering how to pick up the pieces and whether hiring a remediation team is your best bet. Should you stretch your budget to accommodate the expense of hiring professionals or save all the money to do the restoration in your own way? If it was an especially small fire, you may feel able to handle the situation alone. Read More