Hydraulic Cylinders And Dealing With The Repairs Your Machines Need

Machinery needs maintenance and repairs regularly. Sometimes, there may problems with hydraulic systems that are going to need to be repaired. These repairs are part of the maintenance that needs to be done. The cylinders are parts that receive a lot of abuse and need repairs. The following hydraulic cylinder repair information will help you solve these issues with your equipment.

Inspecting Hydraulic Systems for Damage

The hydraulic systems are going to need a complete inspection when you need to repair the cylinders. In addition to the damage to the cylinders, other problems that you will need to look for include:

  • Blown hydraulic seals
  • Worn boots
  • Blown gaskets
  • Damaged connections and fasteners

The inspection of all the hydraulic components will allow you to identify issues that need to be repaired. There will probably be seals, gaskets, and other hydraulic parts that need repairs while you are repairing the cylinders. You will want to remove all these parts and clean them before reinstalling them. If any seals or dust boots have cracks or other signs of wear, replace them now to avoid problems later.

Removing the Hydraulic Cylinder for Repairs

The hydraulic cylinders are going to need to be removed for repairs. This means that you are going to need to disassemble the entire hydraulic system. Some of the things that will need to be done to remove these hydraulic parts include:

  • Drain hydraulic fluids
  • Remove hydraulic hose connections
  • Remove the cylinders

The hydraulic fluid needs to be saved to use again if it is not dirty. It can be stored in a clean oil barrel. If the fluid is dirty, take it to be recycled and put new hydraulic fluid in your machine. Usually, the hydraulic fluid is going to be clean if there are not any damaged components. If the fluid is dirty, you will want to have the entire hydraulic system inspected for other problems that need to be repaired.

Assembling the Hydraulic Systems with the Repaired Cylinders

After disassembling and repairing parts, you will be ready to put everything back together. You are going to need to prime all the parts with lubricant and then fill the system up with hydraulic fluid. Once all the connections have been tightened, run the equipment and repair any leaks before you start working again.

The hydraulic cylinders are some of the most important components of your machinery and will occasionally need repairs. Contact a hydraulic cylinder repair service for help with these issues.