Fire Season: 3 Steps To Take If Your Home Was Damaged In A Fire

With so many fires going on across the country, it can be terrifying to even turn on the news. If your house was recently damaged in one of these fires, you may be wondering what can be done to repair your home and get your family moved back in. Depending on the type of damage that took place, a fire damage restoration company may be able to come out and get everything taken care of. 

To ensure that your home gets repaired from start to finish, there are a few different steps for you to take. 

1. Assess the Damage

Once the area has been cleared by local government and the fire department, you and your family can go to your house to assess the damage. Remember that the tricky thing about fires is that while the damage may look minimal on the outside, the inside may be covered in a lot of smoke damage. By seeing firsthand how severe the damage is, it can help you determine with your insurance agency if you need something like a rental while your home is being repaired. 

2. Call Your Homeowners Insurance

Almost every homeowners insurance plan will cover fire damage, especially if you live in an area like California that gets hit with tons of frequent fires. The tricky thing about being part of such a large fire, however, is getting your insurance agency to come out as soon as possible to do an assessment. Why? Because they are bogged down with other assessments. By prioritizing making a call to your insurance agency, you can hopefully get an assessor out to your property as soon as possible. 

3. Get Things Taken Care of 

Once your claim has been processed through your homeowners insurance, a fire damage restoration company can come out to your house and get started on the process. If you just have smoke damage, they may do some thorough cleaning, tear out some carpeting and flooring, or repaint your home. If your home was completely damaged, they will clean everything out for you and get rid of old furniture and then start the restoration process, which may involve something as severe as building your house from scratch. 

If you want to learn a little bit more about fire damage restoration and how your home can be restored, reach out to a company near you. Preparation is key when something as serious as a fire is threatening your home.