3 Things Every Homeowner Should Know About Slab Leak Detection and Prevention

Protecting your home is a necessary part of homeownership if you intend for your property to retain or appreciate in value. Some homeowners are astute when it is time to get maintenance services performed on their properties. However, some things such as plumbing systems may get overlooked as long as they appear to be functioning correctly. Issues that promote prolonged moisture and water exposure to your home's foundation will place it at risk for foundation issues. Plumbing issues may be a possible contributing source, but there are others to be aware of as well. The following are measures you can take to reduce the chances of needing foundation repairs.

1. Maintain or Invest in a Sump Pump

Some homeowners install sump pumps to feel more secure. These devices offer protection against flooding. However, sump pumps require maintenance and the scheduled maintenance varies depending on a number of factors such as manufacturer and type of pump. If you have a basement, live in an area where floods occur, or have a property that has drainage issues, then you need to invest in a sump pump if you do not already have one. These devices vacuum excess water and safely distribute it away from properties.

2. Maintain Gutters

Gutters are a part of your roofing system. They need to drain correctly to protect your roof, but they can cause other types of drainage problems if they are clogged, broken, or have design and installation issues. You will likely see water puddles or ponding around your home's foundation if there are drainage issues. You may also notice cracks in paved surfaces such as your driveway. Drainage issues will eventually cause foundation problems that may require aggressive foundation repair so it is important to get you home inspected if you see any of these signs. 

3. Familiarize Yourself with Slab Leaks

This is a type of plumbing leak that is specific to the foundation of homes. Knowing the potential signs can aid in early intervention and minimize the damages that can be caused by slab leaks. Tell-tale signs include increases in water bills, warm and wet spots on flooring, running water sounds from an unknown location or source, and changes in building materials such as waterlogging and warping. 

A house foundation specialist is a good resource to use to determine whether you have existing foundation damage. They can make recommendations for repair and also ways to prevent more foundation damage. Homeowners should not ignore signs of foundation damage because the issue can only worsen over time if repairs are not made. To learn more, contact a home foundation repair company near you.