Reasons To Consider Waterproofing Your Basement

By virtue of being below ground, your basement is at constant risk of suffering from water damage, which can lead to a number of significant complications for your property. Being aware of a few of the benefits associated with installing waterproofing methods in your basement can help you decide if your next home improvement project should consist of installing one or several such methods.

Prevent Structural Damage

While the first thing that you think of when you think of basement flooding is the damage to any items that you may have stored there, long-term structural issues can also occur because of substantial water damage. Structural damage to your foundation and basement can occur as water seeps into concrete and rots away wooden supports, which can eventually lead to foundation issues that affect your entire home. Foundation issues are both complicated and expensive to fix, so the best way to deal with them is to prevent them from occurring in the first place. Better drainage, vapor barriers and sealants on your foundation walls can all help prevent foundation damage.

Stop Mold Growth

Another thing that is commonly caused by basement water damage is the substantial growth of mold. Mold can grow even in the presence of small amounts of water, so flooding is not a prerequisite. Mold and mildew can represent a serious health hazard to you and your family, causing and aggravating breathing conditions like allergies and asthma. You may notice that these conditions flare up out of season before you actually see any signs of mold in your basement, but you will eventually be able to spot green and black spots in the water damaged area of your basement. Basement waterproofing methods, including basic ways designed to reduce humidity levels like installing a dehumidifier, can help reduce the chances that you will have to deal with mold remediation in the future.

Reduce Home Insurance Rates

An often overlooked side effect of suffering from water damage is that your home insurance premiums are likely to increase as a result of a claim being paid out – since your property will be seen as being at a higher risk of suffering from additional water damage in the future. Installing a basement waterproofing method like a sump pump, an exterior vapor barrier, or something similar can help reduce the risk of your premiums going up in the future. Check with your insurance company to see if they will offer you a discount if you do install a waterproofing system, even if you have not filed a claim in the past.

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