Tips For Protecting Your Basement Against Water Damage

When a home's basement suffers water damage, it can lead to some potentially serious complications for the house. Yet, many first-time homeowners are not very aware of the steps that should be taken to protect their basement against this common hazard. Luckily, you can use these tips to waterproof your basement and keep your new home safe from water damage.

Inspect The Basement Following Heavy Rains

After the first heavy rain while you are living in your new home, you should conduct a thorough inspection of the basement. During this inspection, you will want to look for signs of water accumulating. This can be in the form of puddles on the floor, moisture along the walls or your possessions being damp. Once you confirm the presence of moisture problems, you will need to act quickly to mitigate this problem, or you will be needing to pay for mold remediation, foundation repairs, or any other number of complications.

Have The Interior Walls And Floors Sealed

One of the more effective options for protecting your basement against moisture damage is to have the walls and floors sealed. These sealants will act a barrier against moisture seeping through the concrete. Unfortunately, these sealants are not a permanent solution as they will gradually degrade. However, it will be many years before it becomes necessary to have a new coat of sealant applied to the basement.

Consider Installing A Sump Pump

For some homes, the basement will be especially prone to accumulating large amounts of water. This can often be due to poor drainage in the soil around the home. Fortunately, a sump pump can be the ideal solution for a home that is experiencing this type of water damage. When a sump pump is installed, pooling water will automatically be removed from the basement. This is done through a water collecting tube that is connected to the pump. Special sensors in the tube will activate the pump when water is present, and this will force it out of the home. A sump pump can seem like a costly upgrade to make, but it will cost far less than what would be needed to repair extensive water damage.

The basement of a home can be particularly prone to suffering water damage. Yet, new homeowners often neglect the importance of protecting the home against this type of routine damage. By making sure to inspect the basement following heavy rains, have the walls and floors sealed, and install a sump pump, you can keep your home as safe as possible against this threat.