Three Water Damage Problems That You May Have In Any Type Of Home

You may often hear about water damage in basements and homes with lower levels, but any home can have water damage. Some of the problems can be related to things like roof leaks, plumbing problems and condensation from air conditioners. These are some of the problems that often are overlooked in homes, and can cause serious problems with things like mold. Here are three water problems that you can find in any type of home that you will want to have repaired:

1. Problems With Roofing And Eaves Leaking

Any small roof leak or problem with the eaves of your home can lead to serious problems. If enough water gets into your walls, this can cause mold to grow and if the problem is not addressed, it can get worse. Once you have an eave or the roofing of your home fixed, you may want to have a water damage repair contractor look at the area where water was coming into your home. It is a good idea to replace damaged materials like drywall and have the area treated with a fungicide to prevent mold growth.

2. Bad Plumbing In Attics That Cause Water Problems

Bad plumbing is a common cause of water problems in ceilings. This can be caused by plumbing leaks, as well as condensation from the pipes. You will want to have the water damage repaired, but you may also want to consider having these pipes insulated. Insulating plumbing in the attic will not only prevent burst pipes, but will also reduce problems with condensation from pipes, which can also lead to water problems in your home. It is best to not have plumbing in the attic, but sometimes there is no way around it; proper insulation of the pipes will help reduce the risk of any serious water problems in your attic.

3. Air Conditioning Condensation Leaking On Drywall

Air conditioning can be another issue that causes water problems in your home. If you have an AC or furnace in your attic, there are condensation lines that take the condensation out of your attic. Sometimes, these pipes get leaks and cause water problems. A tip to help prevent these problems is to make a type of pan to catch any water condensation in the attic and place it under all the pipes. The AC usually has its own, but you can use bent pieces of metal flashing to add more beneath the pipes, and add a bead of caulking where they are joined together. Run the drip channel all the way to the eave of your home, and install a plastic or vinyl vent at the eave for the water to run out.

These are some of the common water damage problems that are found in homes that people often overlook. If you have watermarks on your ceiling or suspect one of these problems in any area of your home, contact a water damage repair contractor from a company like Flagship Restoration to get these problems fixed.