4 Signs You Need Mold Remediation Services After A Hurricane Or Storm

Hurricanes, floods, and storms often expose houses to moisture that typically causes mold infestation. If you have dealt with mold infestation before, you certainly don't want to expose your house to such a problem. When mold grows in your home, it is not always easy to notice. Therefore, you need to watch out for a few signs that it is time for mold remediation. The following are signs to watch out for and schedule an appointment with mold remediation specialists. Read More 

Common Sources Of Roofing Damage

There are many types of common roofing damage that will need to be repaired by a homeowner if they are to keep their property in good condition. There are several types of roofing damage that are more common than others. Insect And Small Animal Damage Insects and small animals can be two sources of damage to your roof that can create extensive and serious issues for the home. When these pests target the roof, they can damage the tiles or shingles that are covering it, and they may also weaken the structural supports that are holding the roof up. Read More