Home Care: 3 Ways To Prevent Water Damage In Your Home

The best way to take care of your home is to keep up with regular maintenance. One of the things you should protect your house from is water damage, which could be quite costly. Talking to your water damage specialist for tips is a good idea, along with an occasional inspection. But there are other things that you can do. The following is a simple guide that will show you 3 ways to prevent water damage from affecting your house. 

1. Don't Neglect Your Sump Pump

You should make sure your sump pump is in good condition to prevent standing water from accumulating on the foundation of your home. The sump pump helps push away any water under your foundation or basement. You may be able to notice when your sump pump is faulty because you may hear loud noises from under your home's foundation. You can have your water damage specialist check the condition of your sump pump to make sure you are protected. 

2. Take Care Of Your Roof

Another area that you should pay attention to is your roof because leaks can lead to water damage should they go unnoticed, especially if the leak seeps water in between your walls. Not only will your home be in danger of foundation issues but also electrical damage or even fires. Be sure you are on top of the following:

  • Be sure to you clean your gutters because clogged gutters will keep water or ice on your roof longer, which--given enough time--could lead to leaks.
  • Look for loose shingles or rust on your roof periodically because these are signs of a weakened roof. 

3. Inspect Your Plumbing System

The pipes that keep your plumbing system running can also cause water damage, especially when they go unnoticed. This can allow a leak to creep up on you and wreak havoc; be sure to look for the following revealing signs:

  • You notice that your water bill is rising without cause.
  • There may be parts of your walls or floors that seem discolored, spongy, warm, or moist without reason.
  • You begin to smell foul odors coming from your walls or floors.
  • After turning off all water in your home for 15 to 30 minutes, you notice that the reading on your water meter has changed. 

You should talk to your water damage specialist if you believe you have a problem with any of the aforementioned points so that he or she can check your home for water damage. As you can see, protecting your home from water damage can be done with a little knowledge and maintenance. Contact a company like Servpro Of Bear New Castle for more information.